My Story

My Story

I’m a Colorado native. As a kid, I used to make my dolls frontier cabins out of Lincoln Logs and pretended they stopped in my backyard on their way to California because the sunsets captivated them more than the prospect of gold. Today, I am still continuously humbled by my community of Coloradoans who embody that same pioneering spirit and drive to make our state inclusive, clean, and innovative. This beautiful state has shaped me into the driven leader I am today–thoughtful, deliberate, and inspired, I am proud  to be a healthcare nonprofit leader, foster parent, and outdoorswoman. I am thrilled for the opportunity to serve my community as a State Senator in District 15.


My journey was not smooth. A human trafficking survivor and former homeless child, I didn’t even understand the concept of “trafficking” until I was much older, which I have also since learned is true for many people who have had their realities shaken.  As with most issues, if we bring the dynamic into the light we can better advocate for those who are suffering.

My early struggles have given me a unique perspective on healing. As my hero Michelle Obama said, “Every scar you have reminds you not that you just got hurt, but that you survived.” This lesson has never been more pertinent than in today’s volatile political environment. We are a people divided, speaking different languages, living in parallel Americas. I am a leader that will bring healing, civility, and empathy back to government.

Resilience and Leadership

My early experiences solidified my dedication to serving Colorado. I studied economics at Fort Lewis College in order to understand how to best serve my friends, my family, my Colorado. I went on to earn an MBA at Georgetown University with the goal of gaining tools to manage complex systems. I entered the workforce gaining private, public, and education experience as a process and change consultant. I started a nonprofit focused on Foster Care reform and became a foster parent in order to have a deep impact on children who need someone to believe in them. I became the leader of a healthcare organization dedicated providing wraparound and mental health services to some of the most forgotten among us, and I conceived and implemented innovative new programming aimed at supporting those impacted by the opioid epidemic in Northern Colorado.

All of these goals have one motive behind them: to understand how to create a better world, a stronger economy, and ultimately, a place where fewer people experience the pain of homelessness, economic hardship, and poverty, replacing those struggles with the satisfaction and joy that comes from being a part of a flourishing, compassionate society of free-thinking Coloradoans.

Healing and Hope

Ultimately my story is one of healing and hope. I am experienced in healing trauma and division. I understand intimately how to bring a child to a place where (s)he can achieve in school; how to create healthcare policy that is compassionate and cost-effective; how to have an eye for balancing the sometimes clashing needs of different interests. I am qualified, inspired, and ready to bring this message and experience to the Colorado legislature as your State Senator.