Healthy Communities

Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare

A leader of a healthcare organization, one of Rebecca’s top priorities is to ensure that all people have access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Access to Affordable, quality Education

All children deserve access to affordable, quality education. As a foster parent and former consultant to the Colorado Department of Education, Rebecca believes in common-sense prioritization of education.

Healthy Environment

Stewardship of our Environment

A Colorado native, avid climber, and recovering river guide, Rebecca is like every one of you who appreciates the beauty of Colorado. She is committed to ensuring that our public lands are protected and preserved for future generations.

Investment in Infrastructure

As Colorado has experienced historic rates of growth, it is imperative that we invest in infrastructure that supports that growth. Northern Colorado roads and highways are among the most congested and unsafe in the state. Rebecca is committed to prioritizing infrastructure investment.

Healthy Economy

Responsible Growth and Affordable Housing options

Rebecca is the candidate of any party with the most extensive acumen in business and economics. As Colorado grows, the cost of living must remain manageable for people across the economic spectrum.

Growing the Middle Class

The middle class has been decimated by regressive policies of the current administration. Rebecca believes in common-sense, responsible policies that incentivize growth while offering a pathway upward.